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怎么用英语说 其实我一直都爱你,无论是以前还是现...

其实我一直都爱你,无论是以前还是现在。 I have been loving you all the time, no matter before or now.

After break up I always love you(有道翻译的。)

No matter what happens, I will always love you forever, 望采纳,谢谢

I love you forever not now not long ago

As a matter of fact, I have been always loving you! ~从过去直到现在……

No matter how hard you hurt me , I will still be loving you forever.

Whatever happenth, I shalt still love thee, I shalt love thee forever, till the day I can't afford loving thee. (感觉用古英语更有气势埃。) 不过感觉这句话不是太好啊,我推荐一句经典的关于永恒爱情的: So long as men can breathe, ...

I love you very much, but don't know how to tell you. 或者 Actually,I love you so much,but don`t know how to let you know about it. 都可以~

一直喜欢你: I like you all along. 其实我从很久以前就喜欢你了,直到现在也没有改变: Actually I've been liking you since long ago, which is not changed by far.以上which可以换成as,结合by far,充分炫耀你的地道英语水平。感觉上呢,li...

I will love you till the end of time,更有诗意。 爱你直到时间的尽头。 I love you forever and ever。也可以。

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