这个句子可以翻译成: What do you think of this dress? How do you like this dress? 英语中,”你觉得……怎么样“可以通过以下以下两个句型来表示: What do you think of ...? How do you like ...?

为您解答。 Alright, I will take this clothes.

绝不能说 this clothes,因为this只能修饰单数名词,而clothes是复数名词。 "这件衣服"有多种表达法,如; the clothes this article of clothes this suit this dress this coat

你好,翻译是:What do you think of these clothes

这件衣服适合你!请问用英语怎么说 This clothes fits you well.

have you bought that coat?

The dress is too ( expensive ) and I think it is not ( worth ) ( buying ). 希望可以帮到你,满意请采纳

This piece of clothes looks nice on you.

How about I 'm wearing the clothes?

these clothes look terrible

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